Friday, 14 September 2012

Wahala Full Naija

Everywhere for Naija
Na wahala.
For right
Na wahala.
For left
Na wahala.
For centre sef
Na wahala.
Wahala full Naija.

If e no be “Igbo Presidency”,
E go be “Yoruba autonomy”.
If e no be “Ogoni self-government”,
E go be “Ijaw republic”.
If e no be “Boko Haram insurgents”,
E go be “former Niger Delta militants”.
If e no be “cashless economy”,
E go be “five thousand naira note”.
If e no be “subsidy scam”,
E go be “Bakassi”.
If e no be dis,
E go be dat.
Wahala full Naija.

Even inside di Villa,
Wahala don enter.
Madam di madam
Dey for yonder
Dey take treatment
For belle bite.
Wahala full Naija.


  1. Hello. I'm a student who is planning on looking at poems in pidgin and how they target a specific audience for my English orals. I really enjoyed your poem Wahala Full Naija. I'm a Ghanaian so I understand what most of it means, however I study at an international school in Norway and I was wondering if you could translate the last stanza for me as I have to explain the meaning during my presentation. Your poems are really great and thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Cecilia,
    "Villa" means Presidential Villa. "Madam di Madam" means First Lady. "Yonder" means outside Nigeria and "belle bite" means stomach pain, Good luck.

  3. hi! Im almost dead laughing. You hav d best pidgin poem ever. I love it and if you dont mind I will post it in and create a link back to your site. Great post

    1. Mai broda, abi you bi sista? You fit post am anywhere but remember di credit and di link as you talk.