Friday, 14 September 2012

Naija Dey Dishonour Honour

Every where,
Even before before for Naija
Dem dey take honour
Tell country people
Wey do better thing dem
Well done.

Person do better sport
Dem go take honour
Tell am well done.
Person write better write write
Dem go take honour
Tell am well done.
Person play better politics
Dem go take honour
Tell am well done.
Person do better business
Na honour dem go take
Tell am well done.
Better every every
Dem go take honour say
Well done.

Now di moto don enter reverse,
Naija dey dishonour honour.
Today dem go catch country person
Wey dey thief Naija money,
Tomorrow dem go carry am go court.
Next tomorrow
Court go give am bail,
Case file go waka,
Case go finish.

Next year
Di country person
Go show for honour,
Naija dey dishonour honour.

Wahala Full Naija

Everywhere for Naija
Na wahala.
For right
Na wahala.
For left
Na wahala.
For centre sef
Na wahala.
Wahala full Naija.

If e no be “Igbo Presidency”,
E go be “Yoruba autonomy”.
If e no be “Ogoni self-government”,
E go be “Ijaw republic”.
If e no be “Boko Haram insurgents”,
E go be “former Niger Delta militants”.
If e no be “cashless economy”,
E go be “five thousand naira note”.
If e no be “subsidy scam”,
E go be “Bakassi”.
If e no be dis,
E go be dat.
Wahala full Naija.

Even inside di Villa,
Wahala don enter.
Madam di madam
Dey for yonder
Dey take treatment
For belle bite.
Wahala full Naija.

Na Me And Asiwaju Obama Invite

Naija write write people sef,
Dem no dey rest,
Busy body full dem body.
Even sef
Bad belle full dem belle.
Na so dem dey busy busy,
Dey put put eye,
Dey put put mouth
For di thing wey no concern dem.

Dat small invite
Wey our friend
Wey be Presido Obama
Invite me and Asiwaju
Wey carry we go yonder,
Wey carry we go
For Obama party nominate,
Busy body don enter,
Bad belle don enter.

Dem don dey talk say;
No be Obama invite Asiwaju.
Dem don dey talk say;
Na Asiwaju go by im sef,
Which kin yan be dat?

All na lie lie,
Na me and Asiwaju Obama invite,
Me na Naija leader of position.
Asiwaju na Naija leader of opposition,
Na me and Asiwaju Obama invite.

Presido No Dey Shack Ogogoro

Naija people dem,
Dem dey gossip gossip,
Dem dey yan say
Presido no dey sharp,
Dem dey yan say
Presido only sabi chop chop.

For newspaper
Dem dey write write.
For radio
Dem dey talk talk.
For television
Dem dey talk talk.
Dem dey yan say
Presido dey lavish money.

Naija people dem,
Dem don carry yan go facebook,
Dem don carry yan go twitter.
For blackberry sef
Dem dey ping ping,
Dem dey yan say
Presido wife no sabi nak gramma.

Di bad bad yan
Wey dem dey yan be say
Presido dey shack ogogoro.
All na lie lie,
Presido na coffee im dey drink,
Presido no dey shack ogogoro,
For that one
Me, wey be Abatalk
I go swear for Presido.

Probe Me, I Video You

For Naija,
Probe na im be di work,
Di main di main work
Wey politician dem dey work.

Presido people
Dey probe legislate people,
Legislate people
Dey probe Presido people.
Presido people,
Legislate people
Dey join hand probe court people.

Na so so probe probe,
No action.
Sotay four years go pass,
Dem go meet voter dem again,
Dem go get another four years,
Probe probe go start again.

Dem don carry probe
Enter another level.
Probe me,
I video you
Na im dey now.
As one group
Dey probe another group,
Di group
Wey dat group dey probe
Dey video
Dat group wey dey probe dem.

As probe report dey show,
Video film dey show too.
Argument go full ground,
Probe report go die.