Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Grammar Full For Naija

For Naija
If politician dem thief money
And dem catch dem,
Dem dey talk say
Na “political victimization” be dat.
If Boko bomb,
If militant dem maja,
Dem godfather dem
Dey talk say
Na “marginalization” cause am.
If leader dem no lead well
Dem dey talk say
Na “destructive elements” cause am.
If politician dem enter office today,
By tomorrow
Dem dey begin plan for another term,
Dem dey talk say
Dat another term na for “consolidation”.
If oil money disappear
Government dey talk say
Na “cabal” dem cause am.
If write write people
Write bad thing dem
Wey leader dem dey do
Dem dey talk say
Na “treasonable felony”.
If politician dem rig election win
Dem dey talk say
Na “landmark victory”.
If other politician dem rig win dem,
Dem dey talk say
Na “massively rigged election”.
Na im full for Naija.

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