Thursday, 12 July 2012

State Of Di Nation

My name na Paatrot,
I be Naija Proper,
I live for dis park.

I dey for dis place
Dey observe,
I just dey
Dey wait.
No work,
No house,
No food.
Other people live here too.

For dis place
Wey I dey,
I dey hear things,
I dey see things.

For dis place
I dey investigate,
I dey legislate,
I dey demonstrate.

For dis place
I dey yan,
I dey tori,
I dey talk about
Di state of di nation.

Abeg pass me small akara
And pure water.

Bank na bank,
World bank na bank.
Na where dem dey handle money,
Na person wey sabi handle bank money.
If you no sabi handle money
How you go sabi handle bank money?
If you no sabi handle bank money
How you go fit be banker?

Naija money Minister
Don dey handle Naija money since,
But all of us know
How di money
Take dey waka since dat time.
Now Naija money Minister
Wan become oga pata pata for world bank.

Me wey be Paatrot,
I dey talk am
Say na too much morale
Na im dey worry Naija.

Naija Presido no go preside well
But after,
Im go like to be oga pata pata for united nation.
Naija money Minister
No go minister well
But after,
Im go like to be oga pata pata for world bank.

I dey talk am,
Na too much morale,
Na im dey worry Naija.

Who dem be?
Where dem dey?
Dem know say I no dey
Na im make dem come.
How dem go bring paper
Say make I pack comot for park
Or make I dey pay rent?
Pay rent to who?
With which money sef?

All di money
Wey dem dey chop
E never do dem?
All di better house dem
Wey dem dey occupy
E never do dem?
Na dis park
Wey I pack come
Na im dey do dem bad belle?
Dem go meet me here,
Other people go hear am.
Make dem come back
Come pack me comot
Or make dem come back
Come collect rent,
Na me dey here.

Who dem think say dem be sef?
Wetin dem think say dem be?
Na today I begin hear government official?
Me Paatrot,
Pack comot for dis park?
Or carry di small small money
Wey I dey make
For my small small runs
Pay dem rent?
Make dem come back,
Dem go see
Kolo mental for dis park.

See dem,
Dem don dey pass again.
Everyday for dis place
Man pickin no dey hear something,
Every night for dis place
Man pickin do dey sleep.

Morning siren,
Afternoon siren,
Evening siren.
Even for night
Wey plenty motor
No dey for road,
Even for night
Wey country people suppose to sleep,
Na so so siren.

If you check well well,
Dem no dey go anywhere.
Dem no wan do dem work,
Dem dey carry siren car dem
Dey patrol for town.
If you look well well,
For inside some of di siren car dem
Na dem lover dem.

If you look well well,
For inside di booth
Of di siren car dem,
Our money full.
Our money
Wey dem suppose to use do work,
Na im dem dey carry everywhere,
Dey spend anyhow.

Every day na demonstration.
So so demonstration,
No democracy.
Everyday na demolition.
So so demolition
No construction.
Every day na contract award ceremony.
So so contract award ceremony,
No construction.
Every day
Government dey commission project.
So so commission,
No project.

Everyday contractor dem
Dey tear road.
Government dey demolish house,
Demolish market,
Demolish park,
Demolish every every,
All na demonstration,
No construction.

Every day contractor dem
Go carry tractor go site.
Small time
Contractor and tractor go disappear,
Site go turn to eyesore.
Government go commission di eyesore,
Come dey hala say
Na “dividends of democracy.”

My mind no good today.
My mind dey pepper me well well,
Government no care for di people of peace.

If country people no get house,
Dem no wan know.
If country people dey hungry,
Dem no send.
If country people dey sick,
Dem go close dem eye.
If country people dey die sef,
Dem go close dem ear.
I know di reason,
Di reason be say
We no be wahala people.
We no dey shoot shoot gun,
We no dey throw throw bomb.

Dem don siddon for Abuja
Dey call call wahala people,
People wey dey shoot shoot gun,
Dey throw throw bomb.
Dem dey call call dem
Make dem come talk
Wetin dey pepper dem mind.

E come dey look like say
We wey no be wahala people,
We wey no dey shoot shoot gun,
Wey no dey throw throw bomb,
E come dey look like say
We no matter for Naija.

Another month end don reach,
Another period
Of share money don reach.

All of dem don go Abuja
Go share oil money.
“Executive” governor dem,
Local government chairmo dem,
All of dem dey Abuja now
Dey share oil money.

As di money dey reach dem hand,
Dem dey change am to dollar.
Dem dey jump inside plane,
Dem dey travel go yonder.
Di biggest part
Dem dey put am
For dem secret bank account.
Dem dey yan say
Dem dey go find “foreign investors”.

By di time dem dey come back,
Another month end don dey reach,
Another share money period don dey reach.
By di time dem dey come back
Di money dey remain small.
Di small one wey dey remain,
Dem dey use am build
Di few thing dem
Wey dem dey call “ultra modern facilities”,
Wey dem dey use do demonstration
For write write people.

Dem dey build “ultra modern hospital” dem
Still yet
Malaria dey finish country people.
Dem dey build “ultra modern school” dem
Still yet
Classroom dem no dey dey enough.

Abeg put food for me.
Put am as usual,
I go see you for evening.

Neighbour neighbour,
Where you dey?
You still dey sleep?
Good morning neighbour,
I dream one kin dream last night.

I dream dream
Wey I dey for Lagos,
I dey for Isale Eko area
With my main men dem.
Come see jolly jolly.

Musician dem full every corner.
Politician dem,
Pastor dem,
Imam dem,
Book people dem,
Write write people dem,
All of dem full,
All of dem dey jolly.
Na im me
And my main men dem
Come join di jollyment.
Food full,
Drink dey.

As we dey jolly,
I come ask wetin dey happen,
Dem come tell me say
Aswaju dey do birthday.
I ask who be Aswaju,
Dem tell me say
Aswaju na di before before governor
Wey anti corruption people
Been dey talk say im corrupt well well.

Somebody tell me say
Somebody tell am say
Im hear for news say
Baba OBJ don comot hand for politics.

Di somebody come tell me say
Dat somebody been tell am say
Im hear for news say
Baba OBJ say
Im no wan siddon again
For di chairmo chair of im party elder dem.

I hear say Baba dey beat im chest,
Dey talk say
Im put two Presido for office.
Na im I come dey wonder
Wetin di two Presido do for Naija people.
Anyway shaa,
I like Baba for one thing,
Baba sabi show workings.

One time like dat
Baba been wan contest
To become oga pata pata for United Nation.
After after,
Baba come build Presido book house.

As Baba OBJ don comot hand for politics so,
Who know where again
Im go show another workings?

Madam Paulina,
Put food for me,
Put yam and fish head,
Make everything hundred naira.
Abeg put am well well,
Join am with two pure water
And check all di money
Wey I dey owe you,
I go give you everything dis evening.
If  man never die,
Man no go rotten.
Make man chop put for belle.

As una dey see me so,
Guy wan put head for border tomorrow.
Man pickin
Fit put head for Ghana
Or even Angola
Or for Mali sef.

Naija tori don dey sound
Like ceedee wey don crack.
E don dey look like say
Naija wahala don dey tire
Di Abuja big people.

Dem mouth no dey strong again,
Dem leg dem don dey shake shake,
Dem no get plenty swagger again.
As una see me so,
By dis time tomorrow,
Guy go show for border full time.

But shaa,
Guy go show back one day,
Dat na sure banker,
Naija na my country.

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